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With Drum v5.4 you can now invite others to manage your page for you or you can manage pages for multiple other users. We have many creators who have agents or companies representing them that can manage their pages and optimize them. With this feature, creators can invite anyone with a Drum registered email to manage their page.


Inviting Collaborators

Drum users can invite collaborators to their page by navigating to the Settings menu and scrolling to the bottom of the settings page where you can invite collaborators.


Once you click on this menu item, you can type in the email ID of any Drum users to invite them to manage your page. If this email has a valid Drum account they'll be invited to manage your page.



You can always revisit this page and manage who is allowed to edit and update links on your page. You can remove them from your page by clicking on remove.


NOTE: The users you invite will not have the ability to modify 
your payment settings,
username and other sensitive fields and can
only modify links and the appearance of your page.


Managing Other Pages

If you have received an invitation to manage someone else's page, you can sign up for Drum using the email ID you receive the invitation on. 

Once you sign up, you can navigate to the manage accounts menu at the top of your Settings page, and click on the Manage Accounts card.


Here you can switch between all the accounts that you're managing and change the links and appearance of the page. You will not be able to modify the username, password, payment details, store address, and other such sensitive information. Only the account owner can modify these settings.


You can choose to leave someone else's page if you are no longer managing it for them.




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