Sending Emails To Your Customers

After you have published your first Opportunity on Drum, start telling your customers about it so they can begin promoting for you. Drum makes this easy with a built-in email module and pre-built email templates. Simply upload a list of your customers and then walk through the email module to let them know about your Drum powered referral program.

To get started, click the “Customers” tab at the top of your dashboard.

Customer List Tab

This table show you all customers you have imported or manually created in Drum and their performance as referrers. You can filter this table by Subscribed, Pending, Not Invited, and Unsubscribed Status.

To add customers to Drum click “Import Customers” and select a CSV import or manual addition. We even provide a CSV template you can add your customers to.

Tags: Consider tags a way to organize your users so you can send the right kind of email campaign to the right audience. For example New Customers Vs VIP Customers.


Email Tab

From here, you can create your email content to promote your Drum referral program. This table shows you all previous emails you have sent and how many customers were included.

To create a new email, click "Create Email Campaign"


Create Email Campaign



Step 1. Choose and Modify Your Template
We've created 4 different templates that work across any email platform. You can quickly and easily modify each template so it includes your company logo, fonts, and colors. We even provide a preview image as you modify your email on the right side of the screen. Select a template then move on to the next steps.

Step 2. Define & Send
In this step, you will define the content of your email and the audience you are sending to.

Email Type
Selecting the type of email campaign you want to run determines the frequency the emails will be sent to your customers and your goals. There are three options:

  • Invitation Email
    Your Invitation email will automatically send to any new customer added to your list. They will receive this email once a week for 4 weeks, then once a month after that.
  • Reminder Email
    Your Reminder email will automatically send to customers who have signed up for your referral program every 4 weeks informing them of your active referral opportunities.
  • New Opportunity Email
    Your New Opportunity email will automatically send to customers who have signed up for your referral program immediately upon publishing a new referral opportunity.

Email Campaign settings

Send To: Here you can decide to send to all customers who are imported into Drum OR only select

customers with a specific tag.

From: Define which email address you'd like this email to come from.

Email Style: Customize the email template to match your branding. (Note: Custom HTML is unable to be uploaded at this time)

Send Test Email: Once you have made all your customizations send a test email to see how it looks.

Send Your Email
Once you have configured and tested your email, you can launch it by clicking "Start Campaign." 

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