Drum Tracking Pixel Installation Instructions

Implementing Drum for your web site can be done in a couple of steps. We have CMS/E-Commerce specific instructions listed on the Install Customer Tracking Page, but here is how you can install Drum's tracking pixels if you aren't using one of those systems.

Installing Base Code
Drum's base code allows Drum to properly track anyone that comes to your site because a Drum Referrer sent them your way. This code will sit in the header of your web site so it can be applied to all pages. 

1. Navigate to the Set Up Customer Tracking Page in Drum
2. If you do not see your CMS or E-Commerce Platform listed, click "Other - I built my site on a customer platform"
3. On this screen click "Copy Code"


4. Find the global header or your web site and paste this code right before the </head> tag and save.
5. Enter your web site address in the "Verify customer base code snippet installation" and click "Verify installation" 

Note: If you are failing the validation, check the source code of your web site to make sure that the code is appearing properly.

Installing Completion Action Code
The completion event code attributes credit and commission to the referring Referrer for the action a customer completing the online purchase and landing on the completion page. This code should be placed in the header of the Completion Event URL. Without it, you will not be able to track the effectiveness of Referrers promoting your business or reward them for their work.

1.  Copy Drum's Completion Action Code from your Drum account.
2. Go to your web site editor and find the thank you or order confirmation page you are using for your Drum Opportunity. 
Ex: If your Drum Opportunity is for customers to purchase an item from your store, this code should go on the page customers are taken to when they complete their transaction.
3. Paste this code just before the </head> on this page and save. (The Base Code should still appear on this page as well)
4. Navigate back to Drum and Enter the web address for this thank you page in the "Verify Completion Code Snippet Installation"
5. Click "I'm done" to save.

If you are having any trouble with implementation, feel free to reach out at help@drum.io, tell us what system you are using to update your site/storeand we will help you get setup.

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