Set up your Drum Mobile App payment method

Adding a payment method to your Drum Mobile App profile will allow you to be paid out for any rewards you earn for successfully sharing referral opportunities that a consumer redeems. 

Step 1: Click the circle icon on the right of the screen to get to your profile.


Step 2: Click "Set up your payment method"


Step 3: If you haven't already added your address, Drum will ask you to add it here. This is required for any reward earnings payout to be made to you. 


Step 4: Click "Add Account" and choose your deposit method. You can choose Bank Account to have a direct deposit made or click PayPal to have rewards earnings deposited into your PayPal account. Depending on which you decide you will enter your bank account or PayPal information and click submit.

That's it! Payments are made once a week from Drum. You can click on the earnings tab to see when your next deposit is scheduled at the top of the screen. 


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