Integrating Drum and WooCommerce

Please Note: You will need a paid version of Wordpress/WooCommerce to get this functionality to work correctly.

Integrating Drum and your Wordpress/WooCommerce site is possible with a few custom updates to the global header of your web site and to the thank you/order received page. Due to the nature of customization in Wordpress, there are many ways to accomplish this. We recommend leaning on your site's administrator to help you with implementing these changes.

Drum Base Code
You have a few options to update your Wordpress header with javascript both manually and through the help of various plugins. Choose the option that works right for you and paste the Drum base code into the header of your web site.

Drum Completion Code
While the Drum Base Code should appear in the global header of your site, Drum's completion code should only appear on the order received/thank you page. Placing this code globally will result in false redemptions.

There are many ways to update the order confirmation or thank you page of your WooCommerce store. This overview guide details many of these options. Depending on your site's configuration, you'll want to pick the best solution for your business. 

Once you decide the best method to use, copy Drum's completion code and paste it in appropriately. 

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