Why do I need to setup customer tracking?

Tracking allows you to know who has sent referrals to your web site from your Drum posted opportunities and then confirm when that referral has completed a transaction on your web site.  No personal information or other unrelated data is collected.

For Drum to do this accurately, we ask that you install two tracking scripts on your web site.

1. Base Code Script

This script goes into the global header for your website and lets Drum know anyone who comes to your site via a Drum tracked referrer link. Without this script, Drum will not know if anyone came to your site by clicking on a referral link.

2. Completion Action Script

The completion event code should only go only on the order confirmation, thank you page, or another specific page that confirms the action a customer took on your site has been completed. When this script loads, it confirms that someone has completed a transaction of your opportunity and Drum can attribute the reward to the correct referrer.

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