What kind of offer should I create for my e-commerce business?

Creating a compelling offer is the most important step in utilizing the Drum platform effectively. Deciding what type of offer to create might feel intimidating to you, but don’t let it. Drum gives you flexibility with testing multiple approaches. Here are some tips to getting started.

What is the right type of offer for your business goals?

Offers For Getting More First Time Customers

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A flash sale opportunity
Buy-one-get-one free, throwing in an extra item (think seasonal or overstock items), or any sort of time-bound discount is a great way to get first-time customers to make a purchase. You can easily set the expiration date of your offer to a short time frame in Drum, or limit the total number of offers that can be redeemed.

Utilizing your existing customer base for referrals
It is no secret that your own customers are your best advertisement. Drum allows you to spin up your own referral program in a matter of minutes. Harness the power of your existing customer contacts and invite them to participate as Drummers on your behalf and earn some extra money. We make it easy by providing a custom generated link in your account so you can send it out to your customers via any of your normal channels of communication. Click on your business name on the top right corner and then scroll down to "Invite Your Customers To Promote Your Opportunities."

Offer for Having customers buy more or purchase higher-priced items

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Offer a discount for minimum spend
It’s possible to make an offer that asks your customers to buy $x amount of product before you apply the discount. (For Example: Spend $100, Save $20) You will just need to set up your shopping cart to dynamically apply the discount after the spending threshold is reached. A coupon code is an easy way to do that and then you can place it in the offer description so the customer can manually apply it.

Consider an expiration date
The more time that passes, the less likely a customer will commit to purchasing the offer you have created. Having an expiration date for the offer, opposed to leaving it open-ended, urges your customers to make a quick decision. Don’t forget that you have the flexibility to duplicate your offer after the initial one expires to adjust any settings and potentially republish the same offer on a new timeline.

Offers for Repeat Business

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Position your Opportunity as a great gift
Depending on your product or service, a repeat customer might not be someone purchasing for themselves, but for someone else. Position your Opportunity as a great gift and anyone who has enjoyed your business will easily be able to think of someone else.

An incentive for a future purchase and seasonal showcase
Offering an incentive to come back and make a purchase is a great way to ensure you have repeat business. Offering a gift card or account credit once a purchase is made is a good way to accomplish this. Not to mention, showcasing any seasonal type products can catch the eye of someone who will want to add to their collection.

Need to talk through your next offer? Reach out to us to discuss some options and we’re happy to help.


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