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How do I update my web site to put Drum’s tracking code on it?

Every content management system is different. You’ll need to identify how to update the header of your web site and insert these scripts.

Here are instructions for some popular CMS solutions out there.

GoDaddy WebSite Builder

If you need any assistance, email and we are happy to walk through it with you.

Why does the base code need to go in the header of my web site?
Anything in the header of your web site loads first, so to ensure Drum is attributed as the source, we require the base code to appear there. This way you are able to identify any customer conversions that take place because of a Drummer’s efforts.

Why is my base code validation failing?
There are a few things to check to ensure your web site passes base code validation.

  1. Does the base code appear in the header (before the </head> tag) of your web site and has it been pasted completely as it appears on your Drum online integration page?
  2. Does the code accidentally appear twice in your header or is it duplicated in the body of your web site?
    The base code should only appear once in the header and not anywhere else further down the page.
  3. Is the completion event code pasted anywhere above the base code on your site?
    The completion event code should only appear on the order confirmation/thank you page for your offer, and should not be pasted above the base code or validation will fail.

Why is my completion event verification failing?

  1. Check to see if you have selected “Send Purchase amount?” If yes, then you need to replace the $amount section of the code with the actual field ID of the amount field on your store’s web site. If you haven’t replaced that value with your own field ID, then the code will not validate. Alternatively, you can select “no” for “send purchase amount” and bypass needing to send that value.
    Note: the completion event code snippet will update after selecting “no.”

  2. Does the completion event code appear in your web site AFTER the base code?

    For your event tracking to validate, it is important that your base code loads on your web site first. If the event code appears on your web site before the base code, validation will fail. Additionally, the completion event code should only appear on the order confirmation/thank you page for your offer.

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