Creating An Online Offer

After you’ve implemented the tracking code for Drum Online Offers, you are ready to create an offer for your online store. 

Define The Offer

  1. Click “Create an Offer”
  2. Select your offer type. (More info on offer types here)
  3. Under how is this offer available? Select “Online”
  4. In the “add a destination URL” field type in the URL to your offer landing page or web site.
  5. Use the optional promo code field if a promo code will be needed for your buyers to redeem your offer. If no promo code is needed for your buyers to receive the offer, leave this field blank.
  6. Create an offer title.
  7. Select a start date and end date to determine how long you’d like for the offer to be live on Drum. Leave the end date blank if you don’t want to define an offer expiration date.
  8. Add your offer description. This will be what your potential buyers see, so make sure to include as much detail as possible about what you are offering. 
  9. insert any photos you’d like to help promote your offer.
  10. Click next or save as a draft. 

Target Drummers

  1. The Notes to Drummer section allows you to give Drummer's promoting your offer a little more information about how they can be successful. Useful information here could be types of customers for them to focus on or any selling strategies that tend to work best.
  2. Upload any files that might be of assistance to Drummers. One-pagers or other marketing/sales collateral for example.
  3. Viewable to Drummers in the following locations is how you can geo-fence your offer so only Drummers in certain locations can see it. If you don't want to limit who can see your offer by location, then just leave this field blank. 

Set Commission

  1. Under Set Your Commission, decide if you want to offer a set or percentage-based commission.
    A set commission is an exact dollar amount that you will pay for every offer redeemed.
    A percentage-based commission allows you to set a % of the total sale made. 
  2. Does this offer require a minimum purchase amount? This field means do you want to set a specific dollar amount threshold for the offer to be valid.
    If you select yes, a buyer will have to spend at least that amount before the offer can be redeemed.
    If you select no, then you will pay out a commission each time the offer is redeemed regardless of the buyer’s total spend.
  3. Can the Buyer claim this offer multiple times?
    If you select yes, that means you are willing to pay a commission for the same buyer having repeat business.
    If you select no, that means you are only willing to pay a commission the first time a buyer makes a purchase.

Click Publish and you are ready to go! Your offer is now live for Drummer's to start promoting.

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