Implementing Drum Online Offers

If your customers make purchases through your online store, you can use Drum to help promote your business and track offer redemptions that are a result of Drum referrals.

Getting started posting and tracking an online offer through Drum can be done in just a few steps. Before creating an online offer for the first time, be aware that you’ll need to insert two pieces of javascript on your web site or online store.

Step 1. Selecting Online Offer

> Click "Create An Offer"
> Select Your Offer Type
> Under "How is this offer available?" Select “Online” 
*Note: It is not currently possible to create one offer that is both Online and available in a Physical Location. To do this, you'll need to create a separate offer for each availability. 
> If you haven't yet added the online offer tracking code to your web site, you'll see an “Add Integrations” pop-up. Click "Add Integrations" on this popup to get started. 


Step 2. Install Base Code

Drum's conversion tracking pixel is required on your website to track offer redemptions. 

Find the header of your website, or locate the header template in your CMS or web platform. You’ll copy and paste the provided piece of code within the header section of your website just before the </head> tag.

*Note this code is unique to each business. So if you have multiple business accounts, you’ll want to ensure that you are using the correct accounts base code. 

Step 3. Verify Base Code Installation

Enter in your web site’s URL and click “Verify Tracking” to ensure that the tracking code has been implemented properly. It might take a minute or two before the system recognizes the updated version of your web site.

If verified, you’ll see a green checkmark that says “Verified” 


Step 4 Add Completion Event Code

The completion event code tracks all sales that are the result of Drum so you may report on the effectiveness of your offer and Drummers’ promotion of it.

Send Purchase Amount Yes or No

Yes - Select yes if you’d like to know the $ amount that you are generating from Drum promoted offers.

No - Select no if you still want to track how many transactions are a direct result of Drum, but don’t need to know the exact dollar amount that was generated

Event Code
Place the event code before the </head> tag on your order confirmation page, thank you, or purchase completion page. It is important to place this script after the base code script for it work properly. 

Step 5 Verify Event Code

Similar to the base code verification, you'll enter the URL of your order confirmation page, thank you, or purchase completion page that you place the event code. Look for the green checkmark and you are ready to create your offer!

*Note you’ll need to make sure you have a green checkmark next to both verifications to proceed. Verification might not be instant, so you might need to wait a few minutes for the script to propagate and verify correctly. 

That's it! Drum will now track any sales that are the result of a Drummer promoting your business. You are ready to create an online offer now. 

Next Step: Creating Your Online Offer

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