The Drum Glossary

  • Activate: the process of getting your identity verified (see below) and then using the Drum platform. Ex: "I just activated 3 new Drummers today, can't wait to get that Bonus!"
  • Bonus: money paid directly by Drum for successfully recruiting (see below) and activating users. See Activate example.
  • Business: a user on the Drum platform that posts Offers (see below) that are then shared by Drummers. Ex: "I posted a new Offer yesterday for 25% off a bouquet of flowers."
  • Commission: the money earned by Drummers from a Business when an Offer they shared is successfully redeemed (see below). Ex: "I earned $527 in commission this week!"
  • Drum: umbrella term for Drum Technologies, Inc. and all associated apps. Ex: "Drum just released an update for the Scanner."
  • Drummer: a user on the Drum platform that shares Offers to their followers and receives commission in exchange from the Businesses who post those Offers when they're redeemed. Ex: "Alice signed up as a Drummer and shares Offers to more than three thousand followers."
  • Drumroll: feed for the Drum and Drum Offers apps. Ex: "So many cool Offers popped up on my Drumroll this morning!"
  • Network: the Businesses, Drummers, and Buyers a Drummer has invited that have successfully signed up and been activated. Ex: "My network just surpassed 500 people!"
  • Offer: a post by a Business showcasing one of their products or services for a Drummer to promote on their behalf.  Ex: “Party Factory just posted an Offer that my network will love when I share it, -- buy 4 tickets get the 5th ticket free."
  • Recruit: the process of adding users to your network; recruiting gives a Drummer a bonus from Drum as a "thanks!" for adding people to the platform. Ex: "Jay recruited me onto Drum and I'm so glad he did."
  • Redeem: the process of a Buyer claiming an offer with the business that posted it. Redemption gives instant commission to the Drummer who promoted the offer.
    Ex: "Twelve people have already redeemed the offer I shared this morning. That’s $100 in commission!"
  • Scanner: the app used by Businesses to redeem Offers for Buyers by reading the buyer’s QR code. Ex: "Using the Scanner app is how I give my Drummers credit and redeem Offers for Buyers when they visit my business in person."
  • Verification: the process of establishing your identity on Drum to prevent frg caud. Ex: "Getting my information Verified was easy, now I can start creating offers."
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