How do payments work?

Why do you need my payment information?
A PayPal or bank account is needed to process reward payments to Referrers.

How much am I billed?
You control the amount you pay out for an Opportunity being redeemed by setting the reward price - and there are absolutely no additional fees.

Can I set a limit to how much I am charged in total?
Yes! When on the redemption step while creating an Opportunity, you can set your overall budget for that specific Opportunity or how many times you will allow the opportunity to be redeemed. Once that limit has been hit, Referrers can no longer promote your offer. 

How often am I billed?
Every Monday, Drum will charge the sum of the ‘Cost per Customer’ of each offer based on the number of redemptions made in the prior week. This number will always be visible in your dashboard for you to track. If there aren’t any redemptions of your Drum offers made for that week, you won’t be charged.

How are referrers paid?
Drum handles the payments to referrers on a weekly basis. Businesses do not handle the payouts to referrers. 


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