How To Engage & Sign Businesses


One of the most rewarding activities you can do on Drum is to sign up businesses you believe in. These businesses would love to acquire more customers and you can help them achieve that by introducing them to Drum. Not to mention, you'll also earn income for yourself. 

By signing up a business, you will earn a bonus of 5% on every redemption made at that business for a period of two years without any additional effort on your part!

For example, if a web design agency you sign up pays $400 per customer and gets 30 new customers, you can earn $600.

We understand that approaching and talking to a business may be intimidating. Follow this how-to guide for engaging and signing up businesses. It is easy and rewarding to you, the businesses, and the end customer.

3 Easy Steps For Signing Up Businesses

Step 1: Make a List


Make a list of businesses you have used currently and in the past that you had a good experience with and write them down. Think about businesses in all categories, home improvement, automotive, beauty and spa, retail, entertainment, etc. It will be easier to speak about and easier for you to approach businesses you already think highly of and have had a good experience with.

Consider adding your current employer and friends who own their own businesses to the top of your list. You already have those connections, and that's an easy way to work on your pitch and become comfortable with your own approach for signing businesses to Drum.

Step 2: Identify Contact


Determine who is the best person at each business to introduce to Drum. Once you have identified the person and role you with yo speak with, try to look them up via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Step 3: Invite The Business


Drum provides a variety of ways to invite a business. 1-1 personal invitations work best. you may send invitations from Drum digitally via email or SMS. We find including a personal note about how Drum can help their specific business works best. If face to face you may display to them your invite business QR code.

If after you invite them they don't sign up it is ok to follow up but be respectful of their time.

Example Business Invitation

Hi First Name,

I’m a big fan and customer of BUSINESS NAME. I wanted to tell you about a new service called Drum that allows any business to acquire customers through an on-demand sales force. The service is free to use, and you only pay for earned customers.

Here is how it works.

  1. You create a business profile. It only takes less than 5 minutes.
  2. You publish an offer (savings, loyalty, or customer referral offer)
  3. Once you publish that offer, the community of promoters (called Drummers) begins promoting your offer and sending you customers.
  4. When a customer arrives with your offer, you record the redemption and the drummer earns their commission.

It is risk-free and super easy to try out. Here is a link to create your free business profile. I’m happy to chat through any questions you might have!


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