Drummer Earnings Explained

Drummers earn commission by referring customers to redeem an offer posted on the Drum platform. Businesses set the commission amount for each offer redemption. 

There are three different types of commissions that a Business can select for their offer. Below is the breakdown of these commission types.

 Commission Format  Example
Fixed Commission
(Drummer Earns 100% of Commission Listed) 

 The Commission for an offer is listed as 

 Drummer earns $100

% Commission
(Drummer earns % of sale price) 

 An offer is listed as 10% commission of 
 total sale.

 Sale price is $1000

 Drummer earns $100


Drum doesn't take anything?
For a limited time, Drum is waiving all fees to businesses to support communities during this national emergency. Our current payout method puts 100% of the commissions in the pockets of Drummers and keeps businesses free of fees. 

When do Drummers get paid?
Drum will process payouts weekly via the payout method you have listed in your profile. 

Why do some offers have no commissions listed?
This is an offer that doesn't pay out a commission to a drummer as determined by the Business. Sharing this kind of offer helps promote a business and showcases a potential discount on services that a buyer could receive. This is a great way to help spread the word about a business that you know and love. 


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