Signing Up Your Business

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Congrats on taking the first steps to register your business with Drum! Local expert Drummers will help you promote your business and curate your customers through
Offers you post. Getting started is simple.

Sign up through on the Drum website. Enter the primary contact information for this account and a Drummer referral code if you’ve received one, then search for your business. We pull from Google’s database, but if for some reason you can’t find your business, you can enter it manually.


Upload photos of your choice.

Signing_Up_3.pngYou’ve made it to the Dashboard! This is your home base as a business. Click the yellow banner to complete your profile.Signing_Up_4.png

Add a payment method to verify your identity. This is to protect you, our Drummers, and the Buyers, as well as bill you for Drummers’ commissions. Now you’re all set to post your first Offer!


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