Getting Started Using Drum's Mobile App

Drum's mobile app allows you to find and share referrals for your favorite businesses and earn a reward for every customer who successfully consumes an opportunity you shared.

After registering, you'll have 3 options at the bottom of your screen.

Explore Magnifying Glass Tilted Left on Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5

Here you can search for all opportunities available on Drum. Use the search bar at the top to search by keyword, business name or tag. You can also sort the Explore feed by date published or the award amount.


Saved ❤️

The Saved tab shows you all opportunities you tapped the ❤️  icon on. Your saved opprotunities are stored in collection folders that you'll create or add to when you save the Opportunity. Click into any of your collections to see each individual opportunity. The arrow icon to the right of each collection allows you to quickly share an entire collections folder with anyone.


Earnings 💲
This tab shows you all rewards you have received from succesfully referring business via an of the opportunities you shared. If you have an account balance, you can see when the next deposit day is at the top of this screen.


Next steps: Setting Up Your Drum Mobile App Profile 

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