How will Buyers redeem my Offers?

Drum makes it easy and simple for Buyers to redeem your Offers! Simply download our Scanner app to get started. 

Open the app and select the Offer that the Buyer would like to redeem by tapping on it, then tap the Scan Offer button.

Scan the Buyer's QR code and tap Confirm, instantly giving credit to you and the Drummer that promoted the Offer.

business_scanner_home.png     1.4_Scanner.png     1.5_Confirm_Redemption.png


That's it! If for some reason you can't scan the QR code, don't worry! You can manually enter the Offer code the Buyer received into the Buyer portal of your Business site. You will have to enter the Buyer's username as well, so be sure to ask for that. You'll also be able to access the history of the Offer on your dashboard.


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