Setting a Fair Commission

Setting a fair commission rate is one of the most important aspects of a compelling Offer. Drummers might be passionate about your business, but no one wants to work for free! Setting a fair, appropriate commission ensures that you attract Drummers who love your product or service and feel good about promoting it for you!


  • Set a Budget or Redemption Limit
    • This first step might seem obvious, but it’s important to set a budget for your Offer. Just like budgeting for a tip when going out to a restaurant, you have to include commission in your Offer budget. Whether you do this by entering a dollar amount or redemption limit is up to you; just keep in mind that, either way, a portion of this is going to go to your supportive Drummers so they can feel supported by you!
  • Consider the Workload 
    • Initially, you might think that all a Drummer does is hit “Share” on your Offer and that’s the extent of their work. There is so much more that goes into being a Drummer! They hit the pavement, establishing connections and cultivating a large, strong network of friends and followers. They craft their own personal brand that you directly benefit from; this takes time, patience, and skills they practice again and again. For this work, they need to be paid fairly.
  • Touch-and-Go
    • Still stuck on what feels like a fair number? While settling on a dollar amount no matter your approach will require refinement over multiple Offers, you have to start somewhere. A good rule of thumb for first-time business posters is setting commission between 15 and 25%. While there’s no magic wand you can wave that will “poof!” the perfect commission for your Offer into existence, you can always adjust as you gain experience making Offers!
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