Getting Started: My Links Page

Once you have signed up and verified your account, it’s time to add some links! Drum offers a few different ways to make your link page fit all your needs and style. Use the instructions below to add new links, customize the page, and share it to everywhere you need it.

Adding links

Go to My Page and find the Add Link button


You can add links to your My Links page using three methods:

  1. Explore Drum opportunities and add them to your page

  2. From your Saved Items

  3. Add a custom link


Explore and Add Drum Opportunities

  • Choose Explore Drum Links from the “Add link” menu
  • Find a Drum opportunity that you would like to add
  • Tap the Bookmark button in the top right corner of the page.
  • Choose My Link Page

Note: You may also select “Collection.” The link will be saved to you collections and you may publish it to your link page at a later time.

Choose from your “Saved Items”

  • Choose Link to saved items from the “Add link” menu OR open up your Collections page
  • Find the link you want to share and tap the three dots to open up the Option options menu
  • Select the option to Save to My Page

Add a Custom Link

  1. Choose Add Custom Link from the “Add link” menu

  2. In the Add Custom Link page that opens, add the:

    1. Link Title (a short and clear title that describes the link)

    2. Description (optional additional information about the link)

    3. URL (where you want the link to go e.g.

  3. Select Continue

  4. On the next page you will have a chance to set the thumbnail photo for your link. You will have a few options.

    1. You may Add your own photo (either use your camera or select one already on your phone)

    2. The app will attempt to get some photos from the URL you entered in the previous screen. You may select one of these

    3. You may choose to Skip (you can always come back later and edit or add new photos)

  5. Once satisfied, select I’m done

Styling your page

  • On My Page select Options
  • On the My Page Options menu, you may:
    • Preview your page (see what others will see)
    • Share your URL
    • Edit the page Style
    • Edit your Profile Photo
    • Edit the My Page Description
  • If you choose to Edit Style from the menu, you can customize the way your page looks.
  • You can customize the entire page by editing the:
    • Font
    • Font Colors (both the overall page and your links)
    • Background color of your links
    • Background color or background photo for your page as a whole.

Now the best part! Share your link page to…

Anyone, Anywhere! Here’s how to grab your link and here are a couple examples.

  • On My Page select the Share Button
  • After the menu opens, you can see your URL and share it. Unless you have a custom URL, your share URL will be:<your username>

You can change your username at anytime in your settings. Be careful when changing your username. The previous username will be deleted and it will no longer belong to you (this means another user could choose it and you won't be able to get it back). Your URL will change to your new username and your old URL will be broken. You will need to replace this URL anywhere you previously pasted it.

  • You can find and share your URL on the Share to your socials menu.
  • Choose Share URL for options to immediately share. You may choose from the app sharing options your phone provides, or you may select to Copy. After copying, you may paste the URL wherever you wish.
  • Once copied, you can save your URL to any profile or web page or message you like. Here’s an example from Instagram:
    • Add your My Page URL as the website in your profile
    • And now it’s ready for everyone to find





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